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I am a technical writer, brand marketer, and content creator with six years experience in the field. I've corroborated with national nonprofits, acclaimed software companies, rising writers, and awarded colleges, have likewise gained certification through Adobe. Earning my BA in English 2014 and my MFA Writing in 2019, I have built a skillset in technical writing through publishing white papers, infographs, game design presentations, media kits, and sequential tutorials. I likewise have heavy experience in book design and editing, which I've put to use developing manuscripts for freelance writers. It is my professional goal to put my skillsets to use with an international company, where I can tackle problems and build cohesive branding materials.


When I'm not bent over a computer fixing someone's designing mess, you can find me brushing the extra hair off my cat Frazier, creating hand-bound journals for Etsy, guzzling coffee frappuccinos, and ghost hunting on the weekends. 


So if there's a ghost in your company office, I can solve that problem for you too. 


Ivy Hall Review Student Reading. 

 May 25th, 2018. Ivy Hall, Atlanta, GA. 

Photograph by  Elizabeth Henry


"Wildly creative, attentive and ingenious; Dostal is both passionate and gifted. This assiduous writer has shown great promise and even greater skill for crafting stories that touch the soul."


"Lila develops strong, well-crafted characters and storylines. It is evident that Lila puts a great deal of research into her works and is meticulous with details. She writes stories that are intriguing, heartfelt and simply hard to put down. I have laughed and cried reading her stories and I am always keen to read more of her works. I have twice commissioned works from Lila and she has always been open, honest and clear in her communication with me, and has delivered exactly what we have agreed on."


"Lila created a media kit for Atlanta Audubon Society to help us better communicate with our media contacts and potential donors about the mission and programs of Atlanta Audubon Society. She was very easy to work with, open to suggestions on ways to improve the product, and promptly delivered a well-designed piece that will be very useful for our non-profit organization.  Thank you Lila!"


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