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Everyone has a favorite holiday, and frankly mine is not the 4th of July (I'm much too entranced by Christmas), but I have to admit there's nothing more American than cooking 20 pounds of Kinnecah sausage and blowing something up.

-And the hooome of the braaave.

My 4th of July was spent in the murky green waters of Lake Martin, pruning and floating on a pool noodle while drinking a hand-made pina colada while my uncle did back flips off the dock. He ended up smacking his head near the end of it, and had to get 3 stitches. The day was rounded off by heading to a family friend's lake cabin, where we watched fireworks with a hoard of friendly folk from a stone veranda. The highlight of the night came from a firework that exploded in the shape of a smily face emoji. My aunt managed to capture it, which is incredible because it happened so fast.

Note the blue lights on the lower right corner. Those are boats, floating in a little hoard around the Lake Martin Amphitheater where the fireworks are shot off from. We stayed off the water, simply because it gets so choppy that it's difficult to cross without injury or nausea.

My independent study is going well. Professor Sanders is an excellent teacher, and commands his craft well. What is more, he detests when I get pompous with my writing, and he's quick to remind me that my tone is inconsistent. Sometimes I write like I'm a Victorian. Sometimes I write like myself. The problem is, Victorian writing, while conveying a theme, is impossible to keep going for a longer running work (like my independent study). What is more, people don't come to me for my Victorian writing. They come to me for my voice. So I have to learn to stop being a little prig and talk like a real person in my writing. I have a feeling my readers will thank me for it.

I've got some new content about to appear on my portfolio. I've developed a skill-set for sequential tutorials, case studies, and magazine tip writing. I'm eager to show it off. Keep your eyes posted!

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