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I'm one quarter away from my 45-hour review, which doesn't concern me near as much as my thesis. The question before me is a difficult one: content creation or writing?

Writing would certainly be easier. I already have numerous projects I could pick from. One was cultivated during a graduate study with personal input from a member of staff. But would it be wise for me to take the easy way out when I am considering my career?

To me, content creation and technical writing is much more important than fiction writing. The more that I have in my portfolio, the more that I can offer to companies as I negotiate interviews and internships. Heavy lies the head that wears the crown, I suppose.

Another thing that's on my mind are contracts, and how to negotiate them with grace and an air of professionalism when they don't close neatly. I've recently been negotiating a contract which technically ended four weeks ago. I have turned, as I often do, to the head of the writing department who is a bit like a muse to me. Dr. R_____ has proved most illuminating in showing me how to handle this difficult moment. SCAD is truly blessed to have her in their employee rosters.

Yet it occurred to me that some of my readers might have issues with contracts and not know what to do. Emotions can easily start to boil; too many have lost their professional edge due to personal concerns. In my opinion it is always best during these moments to take a step back. To walk away, whether externally or internally, and defer to someone whom you rely upon. Often those who are not wound up in the situation can see the clearest way to a swift and neat conclusion.

At all times, it is vital to retain an air of humility, kindness, and understanding for those that you are negotiating with. One should never allow anger or bitter words to enter a professional realm. It's not just about you in the meeting. It's about your company, who stands behind you and is reflected upon in your words.

Then when it's five o'clock you can go to the nearest Mexican restaurant and order a big fat margarita.

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